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29th of November 1898

Editorial Do you think it might be time to slow down? There is much strife in the world. Much hunger in the people. Look at the false-starse above and ponder the speed of modern life. The speed of your own life. Hurtling towards infinity, burning your own self as fuel, nothingness the final goal. BitsContinue reading “29th of November 1898”


25th of October 1898

Editorial When faced with thoughts of Lazy Luck, one’s chest becomes tighter with worry. Sloth, as the clergy shall attest, is a sin cardinal and deadly; moreover, absolutely unbefitting of our dear friend Chance. One must, however, conclude this to be the only option by Occam’s razor. Far worse fates, you see, are simply incomprehensibleContinue reading “25th of October 1898”

11th of October

Editorial Twenty eight ounces sweet, dehydrated milkTwenty four ounces dark chocolateA pinch of saltAdditions for (and to) taste Suffuse the milk, chocolate, and salt in a receptacle. Deliquesce on a mild conflagration while unalterably tossing the blend for five minutes. At the hankered after suppleness doff from the flame, flutter in your preferential additions. LetContinue reading “11th of October”