Whitsun! What whimsy waiting wishfully within. Wonder, wobbling, wiggling, wanting way where wretchedness was, waning, waxing. Everpresent eggsitement! Engrossing entities emerge everywhere, engulfing even earnest establishments. Entrepreneurs entice egg-enjoyers, eggschanging eggspedients, eggstracting eggy euphoria. Ne mijotez pas nos oeufs ! Pour l’amour de Dieu, nous avons tout tenté mais tout a échoué. Je me doisContinue reading “Eggs!”

May 1899

Editorial Blood from marrow, it feeds the sinew and the nerves. Intricate systems like complex clockwork, not parts of a whole but a whole, themselves, together. Each vital, necessary. They cannot exist independent of each other; they cannot function without each other. What makes something paramount? It is the intricacy; the gentle, marvelous commingling of parts. A vital necessity of togetherness. A perfectContinue reading “May 1899”

21st of February 1899

Editorial Two of Clayby R. J. Frogvarian Wandering hands of rough earth,Desire untold through them crossed.Desire they will heed at any cost,In Desire they will prove their worth. To new life! To immaculate birthOf a companion embossedWith loss and lost, too quickly lost,Before any mirth. Only stirred waves remain;Forth they beckon the heartTo seek the closureContinue reading “21st of February 1899”

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