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6th of December 1898


I have dabbled in most, if not all, forms of art. From language to paint to sounds to blood. I have reshaped the very nature of being with nothing but scraps of cloth. I have moved lords to tears with alchemy. I do not claim to be a master of it all – I have merely learned from the true masters.

There is more art in the world than one might realize. It is in the ground beneath our feet, in the false-stars above our heads. In the depths of the Unterzee. On the surface, and down in the depths below the Neath itself. It is deep within our very souls.

It is the artist’s job to uncover art. To extract its essence from the world, to present it to yearning eyes. In this way, too, art is comparable to science. Whereas science serves to uncover the deepest secrets of the universe, art simply presents those secrets – no fanfare, although no explanation, either. Is it unthinkable that the two may collaborate? Oh what wonders the two sides of the coin may reach, what secrets may they learn, if only they could ever be made to face each other.

Sadly, for now, this separation in twine shall only make more coins, more sides, more arguments, more and more of the same that holds us back. One day, perhaps, one day we will come to an understanding.

Art of London

Neathy Arcana
by The Ranine Illustrator

See more of their art.

News of Art, Art of News

Mechanical Bird Takes Up Acting – A Convergence Of Forces

In recent weeks, the rattus faber working as stagehands and engineers in the various London theatres have unionized, halting many productions. In a recent development of the strike, the rats have found allies within a certain group.

The All-Bird Theatre Troupe has struck a deal with the rat union leader, and a small faction of rats has started working with the troupe. The first fruit of this companionship is not yet a public exhibit, however a subject of many rumours and conversations. From certified sources as well as our own first-hand experience we can confirm that these rumours are indeed true.

The birds and the rats have worked together to construct a first-ever mechanical actor. It is a machine made of brass, lined with fabric, powered by a pilot rat inside it. So far only a prototype, this mechanical actor is capable of very limited flight (or rather, gliding), though it is able to produce a plethora of sounds and even speak with the help of a physical modifier to the pilot’s own voice.

Most unfortunately, we do not know any plans that the All-Bird Theatre Troupe might have for their new invention. However, knowing the quality of their productions, we are sure that this push in technology will be nothing short of breaking the metaphorical ground.

More on this story as it develops.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Please do not let me fall.

Dear Ru.,
I’ll attempt to catch you. Pray my arms do not break.


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