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24th of February 1897

Editorial The boy who fell in love with a GoddessBy R. J. Frogvarian Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a boy at the edge of a forest. He lived in a small, single-room house with a small bed, a pot to cook with, and a book of stories. He fed himselfContinue reading “24th of February 1897”


17th of February 1897

Editorial Ode to your BosomBy R. J. Frogvarian As you hold me closeTo the source of your loveThat evokes in me proseUnknown, before, in woe. Those precious mountains!My tongue encircles the peaks,Your breath slightly falters,Smiles across our cheeks. Now we lay together bare of clothing,bare of restraints on the soul,the mind, the shame, nothing,nothing stopping twoContinue reading “17th of February 1897”