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13th of December 1898


Recognition is a sweet thing. Recognition – and, further, appreciation – of knowledge many times so. It is my delight to be recognized precisely for the knowledge I have worked so hard to attain. For this occasion, what is a scholar to do but write?

Together with our press operators, I have worked over the past months to develop a method for safer printing of sigils and certain works. Most unfortunately, in the current situation it would be most untoward to expose more of our distributors to such dangers again.

On the conjugation of Law, a dissertation elaborating on my well-known theory, will thusly be distributed by the known and well-aligned channels.

Art of London

Clawing Forward
by Edward Five

Neathy Arcana
by The Ranine Illustrator

See more of their art.

News of Art, Art of News

London Shimmers With False-Snow Once Again

That time of year has come once again. Lacre – the false snow – covers the streets of our fair city. So covered they reflect the humble light of the streetlamps and bring a cheerful brightness to the darkness of the Neath. This cheer, so infectious, clings like frost to all citizens. Dames and men alike smile as they pass through, arm in arm, unafraid to have their joy seen. Urchins racing along the rooftops, criers competing to bring business to their respective establishments.

It is, of course, advised to ingest or to have prolonged contact with lacre. Any sights of beings made of lacre are to be promptly forgotten about. Upon being questioned by a red-robed Master, it is best to give up one’s possessions – preferably a valuable one.

In case you come into unwanted possession of lacre, please bring them to our offices at Doubt Street. Any givers shall be handsomely rewarded, starting at a hundred pounds a piece.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
At this point, it does very little to even apologize. And there was so much more to discuss!

Dear Dreaming,
Next week, perhaps. Where there are thoughts, there is a need to process.


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