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With weekly editions, we offer refuge for writers, poets, artists, underappreciated scholars, and even the occasional gossiper.

No article is too scandalous! No play too frivolous! No confession too saucy!

In each edition you can expect:

  • An authentic news story from the very heart of the Neath’s artistic community – the latest trends, wagons and bands, bold movements and more to look out for.
  • A poem or an anecdote from yours truly, the very head editor of the Goosey Gazette, R. J. Frogvarian.
  • A selection (one or more) of artistic works from various artists of London.
  • Questions – yes, your very questions – answered by our dear Mother Goose, a woman knowledgeable in all things romance, art, cooking, murder- ah, I could go on!
  • From time to time, an interview with a prominent member of London’s society – hell, I’ll even interview myself!

This is where you come in, delicious readers (and players)!

The Goosey Gazette is a place for art and community. Shall you be willing and interested in submitting a work (be it a short poem, story, drawing, photograph, a piece of music, anything really) or be interviewed by yours truly, we should come to an agreement of an in-game boon from me, be it in a form of a gift from the Square of Lofty Words, a boxed cat shall I happen to stumble upon one, or perhaps some of my actions to aid you with your menaces or answer your social callings. The possibilities are- well, limited, somewhat.

Questions For Mother Goose are a different segment, where, of course, you submit your questions and Mother Goose answers them to the best of her abilities.

For submitting a work, either seek me out on Discord, FL, or look for the submission box (coming soon!)

I expectantly await your glorious works, for the art of the Neath and for Neath in art, forever,

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