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Welcome, delicious reader!

The Goosey Gazette bids you hello!

The finest purveyor of art and artistic integrity in London after its fall!

The Goosey Gazette is a weekly (self-proclaimed) publication striving to bring the creatives of our fair city together.

With monthly editions, we offer refuge for writers, poets, artists, underappreciated scholars, and even the occasional gossiper.

In each edition you can expect:

  • An authentic news story from the very heart of the Neath’s artistic community – the latest trends, wagons and bands, bold movements to look out for.
  • A poem or an anecdote from yours truly, the very head editor of the Goosey Gazette, R. J. Frogvarian
  • A selection (one or more) of written works from various artists of London
  • One interview with a prominent person in London, be it a rising star, a presence paramount, or a significant individual (hell, I’ll even interview myself!)
  • Questions – yes, your very questions – answered by our dear Mother Goose, a woman knowledgeable in all things romance, art, cooking, murder- ah, I could go on!

TGG is an entirely non-profit fan project set in the world of Fallen London. Any featured art belongs to the artists, Fallen London belongs to Failbetter Games.