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2nd of August 1898


The results of the 1898 Mayoral Election are now, of course, known to all. The Viscountess of the Viric Jungle shall soon be inaugurated into the office of Lord Mayor, and her term shall begin.

It would stand to reason to mention that despite our best efforts, our own Gazette’s inclination towards a different candidate was rather obvious. The Tentacled Entrepreneur, despite not having won, has still brought many a good thing to London. Protection for the Rubbery Folk, new and unique art, and Axile with its own Arts, of course. Moreover, it is only fair to say that no matter the result of the election, we can see nothing but progress coming to London. We do not hide our disappointment in the Entrepreneur’s unfortunate loss, yet one cannot argue with democracy with simple feelings.

Truly, the votes have been counted and recounted, and the people have spoken. Despite our personal woes, we welcome London’s first cat-candidate as Lord Mayor. Furthermore, we wish the Viscountess a good term in the office, good tidings, and may her word be as true as her claws.

Chief Editor of The Goosey Gazette,

Art of London

Better Luck Next Time
by Cef Havoc

Visit the artist.

by Elvira Blake, pen name Millea

News of Art, Art of News

Gondolas And Marshes – Jericho Locks Station Opens Its Doors!

The Great Hellbound Railway has made further progress towards (you gussed it) Hell, with the station at Jericho Locks opening its doors to the public. Jericho Locks are a small yet respectable upriver commune, trading port, and home to the Guild of Gondoliers who ferry cargo and passengers through the Locks.

The Guild of Gondoliers is in itself an organization shrouded in mystery. A tightly run group with seemingly no singular master, they are, it is fair to say, conservative in the matters of o progress and, thusly, the railway. Most fortunately, as the station had already been built, this will most likely pose no further issues for the Great Hellbound Railway Board.

Jericho Locks are also a midpoint of the railway between London and Hell. Inch by inch of track laid by the wonderous tracklayers, Hell is now closer than ever before! These truly are exciting times coming our way, and we cannot wait what wonders await past the Hinterlands!

Safe travels, dear London.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
One day, I wish to go without self-made obstacles.

Dear Tired,
Perseverance is a virtue, after all.


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