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26th of July 1898


Respite at last.

The work never ends, not really. Yet it can be postponed. Just momentarily. For a day. Perhaps I’ll get lost in someone’s eyes. Perhaps I’ll only think of loss. Perhaps I’ll sink to the bottom of the bottle, unable to contain myself anymore.

Perhaps I’ll dance until the morning and fall like when I was young again.

We never stop learning. This is simply one of the things we need to learn and learn again. Or rather, we need to unlearn the standards put upon us, and come to the realization that worth does not come from simple actions, as it is inherent.

Perhaps I shall ponder that.

Art of London

Dance of the Embers
by Sevenix

See more of their ar

Electorial News

Second Week – The Goosey Gazette Electorial Popularity Survey!
Results Are In!

Though the number of participants is humbler this week, we still bring you our own Gazette’s personal survey data.

Perhaps by the nature of our readership, the overwhelming majority of this week’s votes goes to the very Tentacled Entrepreneur, with F. F. Gebrandt leading ever so slightly on the Viscountess.

Furthermore, the Entrepreneur is also the most common second choice of vote, with the split between the others being the very same as before.

Lastly, nearly none of our readers have decided to change their vote since the start of the election.

It seems things are truly looking up for the Tentacled Entrepreneur. Of course, we could not be more excited! Were he to win, it would mean a true change for London, a pioneering of not only art, but also inter-being politics. The acceptance of the Rubbery Folk as equals, though perhaps not on the table immediately, would be a welcome change for all.

Nonetheless, as elections come to a close, no matter which candidate wins, we are looking forward to what they bring to London herself.

News of Art, Art of News

Jericho Station Opening Soon After Elections!

The electorial season always takes precedence over many a happening in our fair city. Not even the progress of science, technology, and diplomacy can withstand the pressure of politics. Partly due to the presence of various politically engaged individuals, the Great Hellbound Railway Board is postponing the building of the next station until after the elections.

No matter the officialities, the Board and the Tracklayers Union have been hard at work; the next stretch of tracks, as well as the paperwork and foundation of the Jericho Station have been laid. Naturally, we have not yet been to the land beyond the marshes, though we promise to report on any and all important facets of westward Neath. The closer the railway gets to Hell, the (pardon the pun) hotter the news become. What may lay on the banks of the Upper River?

For now, as the elections come to a close, we wish you the best of luck, dearest London.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Ah, the arms of a lover. Wherever have they gone.

Dear Dreaming,
Sawn off at the shoulders, replaced with yearning.


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