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9th of August 1898


Today is a time of fast and frequent change. Many things are a-happening, in worlds real and false alike. One can spend hours unfruitfully recording all the progresses and regresses of even the past year, only to discover that they had omitted rises and falls of entire civilizations.

Such, however, is not the job of a single person. Just as Rome had not been built in a day, so has its history not been described by a single historian. Jack of all trades, master of none – perhaps not the most valued sentiment, as evidenced by the saying’s oft-omitted final part – our society, one may find, relies on those considered specialists.

It pays off, after all, to have your house painted by a person who had painted a thousand houses rather than one who had painted only ten. Even here, as we observe progress on the Great Hellbound Railway, it is the tracklayers, workers of specialized skill, without whom the task would be truly impossible. At their head stands Ancona, one who I can vouch for having all the experience one would require and desire from a worker and a leader.

It is not wise to expect all the weight of the world to fall on a single person’s shoulders, and unwiser yet to expect that those well-suited to a task will look past being slighted in the grandest of manners.

Thank the stars for well-directed pedanticism.

Art of London

Various Portraits
by Elvira Blake, pen name Millea

Poor Edward

News of Art, Art of News

Workers Strike – A Surprising Development For The Great Hellbound Railway!

As the Great Hellbound Railway approaches the Magistracy of Evenlode, costs, work, and danger all go up. It seems that in the most recent news, the workers of the Tracklayers’ Union have gone on strike, refusing to work until a proper recompense has been arranged.

Rumour has it that besides the standard reqests of better safety measures and pay, the workers are requesting part of ownership of the Great Hellbound Railway company itself. The GHR Board had already assembled to discuss the strike itself, as well as the implications and possibilities of the aforementioned action.

While the proper results are not yet known to us in full, it seems that work is to be resumed soon. Whatever the case may be, we must say that the possibility of wider company ownership is an intriguing prospect for all of us at the Gazette. It would be a fresh break from the current oligarchical model arising amongst London’s companies that even certain Masters are partaking in. Truly, while we may not know what such future would hold, were the vote to pass we would be delighted to see the communal efforts of the board and the workers towards a greater goal of travel, science, and business.

We wish the workers, as well as the members of the board, the best of luck in the future of the Railway, and good relations with Hell.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Ah, once again. Doth quality diminish?

Dear Belated,
One would hope never. Not the way of the world, of course.


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