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17th of January 1899


It has been my utmost pleasure to run this Gazette for as long as I have. The art of journalism is one close to my heart, from the early days of my residence in the Neath, and even before. In their essence, a journalist is a servant to the people. They are duty bound to uncover the good and the bad, and to enlighten the populace through their efforts. Like messengers and heralds before them, they are not the cornerstones of society, yet still important cogs in its ever evolving machinery.

Journalists, still, hold power nowadays. The art of lying is, perhaps, more ubiquitous and of more import to some. It saddens me to see the power we hold abused in such a way. Now more than ever, I am keen to uphold the standards of my servitude to you, London.

There is another year ahead of us. There is still art to discover, create, share. Hold your head high and your heart higher. Those who believe in what is right will fight for the truth. Artists – we fight every waking moment. Keep your eyes open and your words sharp. There is much to fight for.

It is my immense honour to fight with you for another year.


Art of London

Neathy Arcana
by The Ranine Illustrator

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News of Art, Art of News

Doubt Street Bustles As Journalism Booms

We are no strangers to the passion of the written word. An obvious statement, indeed, yet one with certain implications. For one, as it is our trade, we are acutely aware of others who share this passion. Due to our chosen business and the position of our offices, we are also acutely aware of the developments in the world of print.

It has thusly been a delight to see Doubt Street, the residence of London’s printing presses and journalistic offices, positively boom with activity. It is not the most uncommon sight to see new papers and journals pop in and out of existence; this, however, was something entirely else. Day by day more and more journalists, newspaper barons, small business owners, and freelance authors flooded into Doubt Street, keen to leave their mark on the minds and hearts of London.

To our further delight, many of them have stuck around! There is, of course, a reason for everything.

Through the combined efforts of many brilliant minds, printing has been progressing at a stellar pace. We are certain that you, our dear readers, have noticed the improvement in quality of the print over the past several months (that is, in those editions we were able to get into standard print). This progress has also made printing easier and more accessible to many of those who want their voice to be heard. The sheer volume, however, has somewhat saturated the market, bringing the revenue down – of course, we have never been in it for the money, and so are blissfully continuing our efforts amidst a sort of revolution.

We continue to be delighted by the new possibilities and developments, and we welcome all our new lateral colleagues with open arms. If you, too, are delighted by these developments in print, and are wondering how to venture into or progress in the cutthroat world of the printed word, we are now offering business consulting for individuals and companies alike. In case of interest, refer to the information on the back page.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
To grander futures and humbler beginnings.

Dear N.,
To nourishment and growth.


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