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10th of January 1899


My dearest, Rebeka,

It feels like an eternity since you have gone. Not a day passes without a thought of you. Perhaps there is much to remind me of you. Perhaps goodbyes are harder than I had anticipated. Perhaps, perhaps…
I have acquired a new ship, after the last one had crashed. You would have liked it. The Unterzee is even more tranquil underneath the waves. I am ashamed to admit I have rarely sought the tranquility in the past year. Not for the lack of want. Perhaps for the abundance of it.

I have thought often about ending it all. I am, fortunately, not cowardly enough to break a promise. After all, our love was built on promises. On trust. That was all we had back then; bound by curses and contracts, we had nothing but each other’s trust. I still wonder whose trust I had broken by letting go of you. By not working hard enough, fast enough, to be free of those chains that once bound me to a futile goal.

Your father came down below. We had a few words. There is little even I can do to persuade someone so bent on destruction. I cannot say I do not see the value of his values.

I wish it did more to dwell on reality. Dreams cannot replace that which has been lost. I only wish you have found the peace you so relentlessly sought.

Yours forever,

Art of London

Neathy Arcana
by The Ranine Illustrator

See more of their art.

The Tomb Colonist’s Revenge
by Tris Ghost

News of Art, Art of News

Games Of War And Romance Conquer Humble Salons

A new niche of game has erupted amongst the humble artists, as well as other citizens, of our fair city. It concerns old and known war games, matches of strategy, wit, and determination, yet with a unique twist. Bored with only racking their brains, perhaps needing an outlet for non-professional creativity and whimsy, artists have begun joining stories to their exploits on the board. Be it stories for their pawns, grand tales leading up to the fights, or perhaps dramatic envisionings of the occuring battles – we are quite taken by this new trend.

It is, we must admit, a niche; one we do not see going too far into the world. Nevertheless, it is delightful to experience. A burst of creativity, from creation of characters and plots from nothing to the deep and varied emotions one gets to feel during such an impromptu performance. At the inclusion of non-performers, some groups have even begun including mediators who are to monitor the ongoings, making sure things do not get much too out of hand.

A few individuals yet have made the game at hand simply a backdrop to their fervent entertainment. A group that this reporter has a pleasure to be a part of has held many an impromptu stage performance, some even with continuing stories from previous weeks. The game, then, much like a mediator, is there to help the performers in decisions, keeping the story locked (though not too tightly) in its tracks.

And so, dear readers, if such a concept tickles your fancy, we cannot recommend enough that you reach out to your social circle for, perhaps, a quick try of this marvellous concept.

Merry playing, London.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Bah, all this for nothing. Or something? Perhaps it will all be worth it one day. Some day.

Dear I.T.F.,
Worth, I fear, is all sorts of relative. Is living not reward itself? Not enough, perhaps? Ends match the pursuits, after all. Aim higher, or aim not at all.


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