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7th of June 1898


Reality is incredulously fleeting. With a snap of one’s fingers things change from second to second. One cannot with absolute perfection define the reality of the moment. Truly, it is ludicrous to even consider two events as happening simultaneously. Time bends and twists through and around space and with it, reality.

A moment, then, cannot be simply defined. A moment now is the same as two moments earlier and a third one year from now. Reality overlaps, yet it does so constantly. A moment now is the same as three moments separated by centuries and a single moment best to be forgotten. To define such change is as futile as catching the wind with a net.

Even personal reality is a fickle thing. Our mind fabricates stability, but our hearts betray the truth. As change sets to motion, deep down the mind can sense the ebbs and flows of time. Such sensations are not to be taken lightly. The attuned mind may then, perhaps, even peer into the chaos. See beneath the veil of reality into the core of Law.

However great the cost may be – who could ever refuse such an opportunity?

Art of London

Memories and Roses, Part VII
An Invocation
by Professor Wensleydale.

I sat down to translate.

“Oh tell me the tale of a great King, a King who claimed the throne after his brother destroyed his home, a King who fought against the incursion of the unnatural, a King by the name of-”

Inspired… has increased to 5!
You’ve lost 1*F.F. Gebrandt’s Superior Laudanum (new total 2).

News of Art, Art of News

Wonderous Skeletons – Genuine Unearthings Or Deceptive Amalgams?

In hidden streets of Watchmaker’s Hill there lies an open secret, a market of bones. Those knowledgeable of its existence gather there to marvel at and deal in various bones, relics, unearthed fossils, and some more tasteful yet no less grandioze items.

Recently, London has seen a boom in palaentology. Amateurs and professional academics alike are unearthing all sorts of strange fossils and discovering yet unseen species. Such happenings are far from unexpected as the Neath offers many an oddity to be found anew. The sudden rise is, however, still rising eyebrows.

There are also those who display, offer, and successfully sell whole skeletons. Among these are seemingly impossible birds, proposed remains of saints, claimed rubbery amalgams – there are even rumours of one particular academic possessing a whole skeleton of a Master of the Bazaar.

While some claims are certainly dubious, these pieces may be considered collector, and thus it truly may be a worthy endeavour to seek to procure one such exhibit. For our own office, we have a charming mummified corpse of a saint with no less than a dozen legs.

Certainly not a purchase for the common man, perhaps this is a new opportunity for the crafty scholar.

Tread careful, London!

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Where are clouds when one needs an uplift?

Dear Silver,
Above our heads, so distant, unreachable, yet friendly and familiar.


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