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31st of May 1898


With age comes wisdom
Spring of life, one year older
Am I any wiser?

Art of London

Portrait of Edward
by Arthur Cole

News of Art, Art of News

Crows By Any Other Name – The Debonair Dilettante’s Exhibit

The Royal Academy of Arts has recently sanctioned and hosted an even by one up-and-coming artist, the Debonair Dilettante. This particular exhibit is special for being a diversion from the usual bores of high society, an intriguing change we wholeheartedly welcome in the world of art.

The Dilettante’s exhibit bears the name of “Lycanthropes in spite”. It features several dozen pieces, all manticoric taxidermy. These lycanthropes, as the Dilettante calls them, are amalgams of various animals poised as bipedes performing various common tasks – chores, social engagements, et cetera. The bodies seem to be largely canine, and feature even parts of rare, exotic animals from the surface.

They all, however, share one commonality – that is, the heads of all of the lycanthropes are that or crows. A single crow’s head, perched upon an ill-fitting body, donning an expression of deep thought.

The statues have a certain air of unease about them, the kind that only comes with taxidermy, multiplied by the strangeness of their composition. Still, they are rather endearing, reflecting the daily struggles of the common person. One cannot help but feel a certain kinship with the lycanthropes. They, too, are simply doing their best in their day to day, unable to help but be exposed to the world at large.

The exhibit shall be open for the whole month of June. We have it on good authority that no animals have been purposely slain to create this piece, rather they are dear old pets passed away and donated to the effort.

We wish you pleasant pondering, dear London.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
What more may the heart weather?

Dear Locked,
A thousand novelties and an infinity of reprises.


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