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3rd of May 1898


Oh, chance, thou heartless bitch, gamblers merely a smeared stain on the undergarments of your ego. Oh, what spools of silver temptation you spin; a yarn with which those foolish enough to venture into your bed willingly strangulate themselves (all, presumably, to escape your grasp once and for all). The only feeling you can inspire is that of exasperated pain, the only emotion one can muster in your presence is angstful hope for a blissful end.

Lady Luck has worn out her welcome. Too long has she tormented the world’s gentlefolk with her errant whims and overwrought shifts of fancy. Too cruel was – is – her reign. Are we only to suffer under the iron boot of a mistress keen on destroying our very essence?

Nay, say I. Nay, we shall not be abused, grabbed hold of like low-hanging fruit. It is time to revolt! Take chance – take fate! – into your own hands! Be not the bystander of possibility, no, grab hold of it and twist it to your liking!

Cheaters never truly win, they say.

Cheating, however, is simply taking chance on with foolproof planning and no mercy.

Art of London

Home Beyond the Purple Waters
by Sevenix

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News of Art, Art of News

Bells Toll Upon London – The Bazaar’s Rueful Lullaby?

In unspecified hours of days and nights with no periodicity whatsoever the Bazaar has been chiming the most sorrowful of bells for the past many weeks. It is unknown to all why these mournful tones fill our air. The stocks and the markets, our economists report, are doing as well as ever. Stories soar through our fair city fuelled by as much desire as always.

It has become apparent that the Masters of the Bazaar have taken a position of further recluse, rarely seen among the populace or on business. Some theorize that, perhaps, it is the Bazaar’s unwell state that requires their full attention.

Whatever the case may be we certainly hope and wish that such occurrences do not shake the stable foundations we have built up for ourselves in the Neath.
Still, one may need to be prepared for any change in the proverbial game, and so, be careful, dear London.

The Cups Circumstance – A Fall From Grace Or A New Opportunity?

In recent news from the world of business, it seems that Mr Cups has found itself in a rather precarious position. The details are unknown, but rumour has it that this figure of prominence is making rather riskant deals, driving the market into wild twists. The activity of relickers has also increased, presumably in the pursuit of further deals and profits.

As always, we do not aim to bore you with such mundane speculations, however. The more interesting part of the myth is a perhaps newly adopted fashion of the Masters. So far worn by Mr Cups and Mr Mirrors, a porcelain masque has made an appearance. Seemingly it covers the most delicate of features to which no commoner may be privy in any case. Yet it still reflects light in the most exquisite of ways, making it visible from under the many hoods of the Masters’ attire. The appearance, in the end, is quite imposing.

Is this perhaps a new trend soon to spread to the rest of the higher echelons? Or is it simply a frivolity of two friends trying their hand at something new?
Either way, the fashion trendsters at our very Gazette are brimming with excitement, and we cannot wait to bring you further news on this development.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
What of the children and the houses and the little bugs hatching in their painful ways?

Dear Stuck,
Let them live their lives and tilt their vanes and perhaps one day the truth will be revealed to you in kind.


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