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26th of April 1898


Buttons made of brass
by R. J. Frogvarian

Little buttons made of brass,
Shiny, tiny buttons.
Watch them glisten,
Children mine, pieces of my heart.

Break them up and toss them out,
Watch them fall in love.
Watch them glisten,
Children mine, pieces of their hearts.

Home they come with broken minds,
Home they come to me.
Watch them glisten,
Broken hearts, buttons made of brass.

Art of London

The Gate
by Sevenix

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News of Art, Art of News

The Twilight Diamond – New Star Of The Roof

It has been some time since a new star had appeared on the roof. Now dubbed the Twilight Diamond, this new star shines upon London as brightly as Luna herself once did. Though the phenomenon is still unexplained, the Diamond had brought joy to countless citizens of our fair city.

After its first appearance and slight general panic, the Diamond is now a beloved part of our lives as once a month it shines upon us, the gaslight dimmed in favour of allowing us to gaze upon the bricks and flesh of our homes and loved ones.

We invite you this upcoming Twilight to the streets of Spite, as the All-Bird Theatre Troupe will be performing their new play, Chirper On The Roof – all on the actual roofs! Come watch these marvellous birds bathe in the Diamond’s light!

The play is free for all audiences; donations are welcome as all proceeds shall go towards renovating the old Spite orphanage.

An Air Of Romance Surrounds London – Spring Love On The Rise!

This spring, it seems, love truly is in the air. To the chirping of bats and cavorting of cats, couples young and old stride hand in hand in London’s streets. As if coming to a truce of taste, or perhaps seeing an opportunity of rivalry, theatres have filled their monthly schedules with plays of romance, operas of sensuality, even shows of sexuality.

One might notice the air a little lighter, the lights a smidgen brighter. What may be so special about this season? Perhaps it is only the lovers that may know. Whatever the case may be, it is certainly beneficial for the arts.

From collections of poems to galleries of acts, from newly composed songs to old refurbished lines, art is booming all around as well. One of the most peculiar novelties is a hopeful song emerging from the Royal Bethlehem hotel, each day around midnight. The lulling, soothing tones bring the neighbourhood to peaceful rest. Not a language that is local, but perhaps a language that need not be understood.

So enjoy yourself, dear London. Let the love flow through your veins and fill you with glee, for this year it truly shall be a month of love.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
What of the beasts beneath the surface?

Dear Liz,
The LB shall take good care of the artists until their time is nigh.


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