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29th of March 1898


Isolation is a disservice to the mind. Endless repetitions, numbing passivities, exercises in futility. It is truly a shame to be isolated.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it is important not to panic. As counter-intuitive as it may be, establish a schedule. Go about your day as if nothing had happened – of course, within the confines of this isolation.

Importantly, do try not to be truly isolated. Pen a letter to a friend. Exchange knowing glances with neighbours and passer-bys through window panes. Commune with your chosen deities. Communicate with the spirits of old through boards and writing.

Most importantly, do not try to stay sane. Such a futile attempt shall always result in more failure than having the stream carry your spirit through the endless reaches of time.

Keep safe, dear London.

Art of London

Memories and Roses, Part III
The Bohemians
by Professor Wensleydale.

Ah, the Singing Mandrake. One of my “favorite” taverns in London. The patrons would almost certainly inspire me.


Well, at least I’m inspired.

Watchful has not increased.
Shadowy is increasing…
Persuasive has not increased.
Hedonist is increasing…
Wounds has increased to 2- Aches and Pains!
You’ve gained 1*Surface-Rose(new total 6).
Restoring an Epic has increased to 4!
You’ve lost 50*pence(new total 23525).

News of Art, Art of News

The Double-Heads Burglar – A True Uncatchable Master Thief?

In the past week, many high-profile establishments and households have been robbed – and, might we add, rather expertly. Constables and detectives alike have been unable to identify even the method of entry as this meticulous thief leaves nothing to chance and everything to skill; each burgled place has been meticulously cleaned to the point of being even cleaner than before the crime had been committed.

Furthermore, it often seems that nothing had gone missing, a trinket here or a precious secret there. The affected citizens and organizations have troubles identifying what exactly had happened, though the stolen goods can always be traced to black market dealings.

Yes, so clever is this thief that we may have never known of their existence were it not for a trademark. On every scene of their crime, on the window sill, the thief leaves a single, perfectly minted double-headed one pound coin. This trademark had contributed to the thief’s new moniker, the Double-Heads Burglar.

Will we ever find out who this true artist of a thief is? As with all great art, dear London, perhaps their identity will fall to the deep shadows of mysterious history. The only certainty we have is that the burglar will reign for a time more, showing their skill through acts of precarious mastery.

Check your heirlooms, London.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Forever and ever stuck in a whirlwind of indecisiveness.

Dear Seeking,
Perhaps, one day, the time will be right to show your cards. Perhaps, one day, there will be no need to do so.


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