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5th of April 1898


Immense joy is to be found in deep pursuit of one’s interests. The flame that fuels one’s desire is to be stoked and taken nice care of – subdued when the heat gets too unbearable, encouraged more and more were it to diminish to cinders.

So sublime is the feeling of embetterment. We, humans, always strive to be the best versions of us we can be, and such a calling is to be answered with full, enthusiastic effort. Follow the warmth and stomach-butterflies that come with doing what truly makes your your true self.

In pursuit of, to put it plainly, perfection, there will be blockades on the road. The feared artist’s curse, an engineer’s plight, a king’s wane. Such obstacles may be disheartening. One only has to know, however, what their mind is telling them. Practice, most commonly, care for one’s health, perhaps another problem to be taken care of. It is difficult to determine, yet vital for continuation. With an implicit understanding of individual experiences – practice.

Practice, in the pursuit of perfection, is essential. It, indeed, is the very fuel for one’s flames, the energy necessary for development. Practice, truly, is the holiest of rites anyone can tend to. Tedious, perhaps, yet in the end so empowering, so fulfilling.

I encourage you, London, do not be overcome by sloth; take to your tools, dear artists, and become the best self you possibly could.

Art of London

Memories and Roses, Part IV
The Revolutionaries
by Professor Wensleydale.

Oh, b____y hell. The Missionary has been inviting people to my parlor. I might as well get inspiration from them.

“The Liberation of Night.”

“No, no, no. This thing was written about 550 years ago. Was the Liberation a concept back then? Actually, screw it- can you bring me the eighth month?”

After twelve hours, I had about two stacks of notes. The Contrarian left, leaving me a drink of particular taste.

Daring is increasing…
Ruthless is increasing…
Subtle is increasing…
You’ve gained 1*Surface-Rose Petal(new total 7).
You now have 1*Vial of Master’s Blood.
Restoring an Epic has increased to 5!

News of Art, Art of News

A Cloying Campaign Of Adverts – Candy-Make Or Con-Artist?

Leaflets, posters, criers abound, a wave of advertising material has swept through and taken over London’s streets in the past several days. All paid for by one Mr. E_____ of the E_____ Confectionary, this campaign is to promote the aforementioned company, a manufacturer and seller of sweets and candy of all kinds. They promise a never-before-experience taste of sweetness, a pleasure so extreme you might not want to try anything else afterwards.

These claims, as common as they are for those in the advertisement business, are short of a mystery – E_____ Confectionary, as well as its owner, are nowhere yet to be seen. Furthermore, no one has heard of the owner himself; the leaflets and posters have nearly spontaneously come into existence, the criers only acting on their daily orders, their bosses having been paid off by a rather tight-lipped series of lawyers.

Truly, no citizen knows what to make of this, except for one small, lonely shopfront. In a seldom-visited street of Veilgarden, between a barber’s and a baker’s, sits a closed-down shop. Doors and windows neatly boarded up, yet the paint job is strikingly new, and a pristine sign hangs atop – E_____’s Exquisite Confections.

Even to us, as well-informed and investigative as a newspaper strives to be, even to us at the Gazette this has come as a surprise, dear London. The adverts promise no specific day of grand opening. The sweet smell coming from within is truly intoxicating. What might be the nature of this small shop? Will it be anything short of artistry, or simply an over-blown lie?

More on this story, of course, as it develops.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Times are hard. How to make best of it?

Dear Sickened,
Keeping busy and working hard are the prevailing tactics.


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