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Kid Nullman, Prophet of Tears

A Rather Special Interview

Pleasure to meet you, dear Kid Nullman – may I call you Kid?

Well, if you insist, yes, sure, it’s fine.

Very well then. So, Kid, you are a Midnighter by trade. What had brought you to the rites of St. Joshua?

Let’s say, it’s family affairs. Yes. Private occurances.

Private, of course. It is a role of importance within the Game, after all. Not something to be pried at, however a position that comes with a certain inherent understanding. What are your thoughts on the Game itself?

I wouldn’t say I’m always very comfortable with the occurances, especially not the part that includes taking others out of the Game. That’s why I try to not be employed by any high bidder, but instead just work organizing masses and as a correspondent between pawns. I feel… mixed about it, but at the same time I found an uncanny safety within.

I suppose uncanny is the baseline, nowadays. Well, let the Game be the Game. You have become known for another thing entirely – as the Prophet of Tears. Would you care to tell our readers a little about Mr. Tears?

Ah yes, Tears. Well, he has contacted me through a mirror, actually. It has been a few months already, and since I first saw him I knew I wanted to help. I never expected that it would all turn into what it is today. He wants a body, one of lacre, and until then he will stay nothing but a mirage behind glass. I wouldn’t want it to be left like that, though.

A mirror! Quite intriguing, might I say. One would – purely hypothetically – assume that such is the reason you have been rumoured to collect many snakes, recently?

Well, yes, snakes. The official name is “Hound of Heaven.” It’s a lengthy process, but these Hounds are then used by the Bishop of Southwark. Don’t understand this wrong, I have nothing to do with his plans, but he does offer wines in return. And then there are even more eccentric individuals that offer Bazaar Tears for these wines. I’m sure that the ordinary Londoner doesn’t know of these, but these tears then shall be frozen when the time is right and used as a vessel for the manifestation of Mr Tears himself.

Hounds and wines and tears, of course. It is much work to be done for Tears, to bring his vessel here. Do you see this as a predicament or rather as a privilege?

Well, it is definitely unheard of. Children and adults alike tend to make nomen for their enjoyment, but what I have been chosen for really is something much grander. It is difficult, I must admit, but the support I get from people that never even heard of me really does push me forward. It’s a blessing, I hope. I don’t believe that I am bringing anything evil into this world. I hope the rest agree, even with the cult-like title.

Prophet of Tears, of course, is at least peculiar. Support, of course, there is much of. It is true that one can send a handful of First City coins your way to give support to you and to Tears. How do such coins help, and are there any other ways for one to show their devotion?

Oh, yes! Tears is, so he says, a lot older than we might think, and one of his earliest fascinations was the First City. He has asked me to actually keep note of everyone that does donate, because he would like to thank them individually. There have been donations already, yes, many, and I am not sure what he plans to do with the coins, but certain necklaces and other wearables have already been made from said coins. As for the use… we will see. Suppose non-material devotion is a possibility as well, because the more people know of him, the better.

Enigmatic still, without a physical body. For those devoted to Mr Tears, you are quite the inspirational leader. Though we know there is still much time to go, is there a possibility for the devoted to feel closer to Tears before his arrival?

Leader? Maybe not nearly as charismatic as other religious groups have it, but I am trying my best. As for the question, I don’t know. The mirror where I saw him first I have in my home, but I hope you understand when I say that I wouldn’t want anyone parading through it, like some kind of pilgrimage. There are a few extraordinary individuals though that have aided a little in the spreading of the word and general planning, so they might soon get the chance to meet him, and hopefully for everyone else their word will suffice. The point is to see him when he is here, after all.

Truly so. We cannot speed the coming by much, after all. Good things take their time. You are the most devoted of devotees, such is an admirable quality in a leader.
Not to bring attention to you once again, but I understand you are Neath-born, yes? What do you make of the current political climate within London?

Yes, I was born here, and I can proudly say that I have so far managed to avoid political influence. If you mean the recent mayoral elections, I know better than to speak my mind, but I can say that I didn’t really vote for the new mayor. I’m not complaining either about what she has done with her time so far. Mr Tears on the other hand really likes delving into these things and, well, let’s just say he wants to give it a shot when he is with us. What exactly he means…

Truly exciting! Though his time with us will be just shy of a year – limitations of lacre and all that – I believe that, with enough support, London will warm up to Tears enough to allow one such creature to engage in… politics.
A few more things. As you know, our Gazette is a paper of art. What thoughts on art do you have, Kid?

Well I hope London doesn’t warm up ti Tears, ahah. Art, yes, even though the first association is usually just a brush, I know art can vary so much more! And, well, while none of my creations would – or should, in some case – count as art, I really can only sit back and appreciate the lengths to which someone longing for beauty can go to. A heads up to all the free souls out there!

A heads up to the free souls indeed. Some might say what you are doing is a form of art by itself. Well. Time is drawing short. Kid, is there anything else you would like to tell our dearest readers?

I am not sure. I suppose a little ‘Thank you’ to the lot of them is enough already. I do hope Tears will bring enough wisdom for the lot of us. One can only imagine what a noman that is given so much time can conjure up to tell us.

One can only wonder, truly. We shall, however, not wonder forever. Thank you as well, Kid Nullman, for the exquisite interview. May the word of Tears reach many ears.


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