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3rd of November 1897


Here’s the desire for a touch of fame. Just a little bit. Ever so closer. Imbibe it. Consume it.

My friend’s father was a musician. My aunt met a religious leader. I saw the Queen shopping for pomegranates one time.

Do we all yearn for the lights, the shouts, the shadows, the whispers? Signed cards and special treatment. Ballrooms and beds of the highest echelons. Oh, to get just a taste. Illusions of grandeur haunt our little existence.

There is little wrong with mediocrity. Who can say they are truly destined for greatness? With power comes the ability to abuse; oneself, others, strangers and friends alike. Tread lightly with the screams of thousands. It takes a special sort not to go mad in such a world.

After all, ambitions are one thing. Pure, godless yearning is another.

Art of London

Messidorist Panopticot
by Eastern, F. B. G. Dscd.

Landscape painting of the Messidorist Panopticon, a fabled fortress in Downside. Artwork commissioned by Hotshot “Messidor” Blackburn, the proprietor and renovator of the fortress.

News of Art, Art of News

An Interview With The Prophet Of Mr Tears

On a very special occasion, we at The Goosey Gazette have just recently had the chance to interview the one, the only, Prophet of Tears, Kid Nullman. Without further ado, seek the interview on the centre-page spread.


They can pry, search, and threaten all they want, but they will never obtain this truth. I confess that the Khan of Dreams’ confession is still in my possession, and mine alone. One day, this secret will be able to control or destroy a Master in itself. London should look forward to it.
– Masked Midnighter

It feels like there’s a wick in my throat. Seven flames. Seven letters. Seven eyes. Seven sins. Seven cities. Seven regrets. Seven times have I failed myself. All shall be Well. All shall be Well. All shall be Well. All shall be Well. All shall be Well. All shall be Well. All shall be Well. The name the number the name the number the name the number the name the number the name the number the name the number the name the number
– Kin

Submit your own delicious confessions to us! The last confessions will be posted in the next edition!

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
How can I know what is right and what is wrong?

Dear Desperate,
When one’s heart is not enough, perhaps it is time to follow another’s mind.


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