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28th of April 1897


There are stances to be taken. Even with leadership structures in place, the world is a wild place – and the Neath double so – though that, of course, does not mean the higher powers go out of their way to protect. Survival of the fittest, perhaps, the most adaptable, yes, the most willing to carry out justice, certainly. We are social animals, and our society hinges on the few capable. Do not sleep on the injustices of the world! Take up your arms, London. There are villains to dethrone. They will not go easily, but they will go. When the arms of Law are too short, we need to take it into our own hands.

Art of London

Letters from the Surface: Part XI
An Escape Attempt
By Sir Wensleydale of Hardwick

Now, what happened? Who locked me in my room? More importantly, who knew my address?
I had a key in my dancing slippers. I took them off, and found no key.
Now I was ticked. I couldn’t just stay here, below the Fourth City. If I could… Nope.

I lit a cigar. The room gained it’s scent. If I couldn’t leave, I could smoke the intruder out!

I failed to get out. A letter slid under the door. I opened it.

“You had your chance. Never again.”

My mind raced. Why was this happening?

…That bleeding bastard.

I took my bejeweled cane, a gift from a lapidary, and swung at the door-knob.

Success! Now to catch the ______!

Watchful has increased to 160-A Focused Brilliance!
Shadowy is decreasing…
Dangerous has increased to 155- A Terrible Power!
An occurrence! Your “At War With a Single Person” quality is now 2!
Wounds is increasing…
Subtle is increasing…
Heartless is increasing…
Melancholy is increasing…
Daring is increasing…
You now have 1*Cane-Shank

News of Art, Art of News

Rise of Photography – Painters Demise or a Rising Artform?

Photography, the for-years up-and-rising technology, has been a subject of controversy in the artistic circles since its conception. Though it lacks the vibrant colours and subjectivity of the painted work, it gives a new (if grainy) perspective on the world. Gone are the days of the painted portrait, people instead opting for the quick fix of a photograph. Gone are the still lifes, the planars, the starry skies.
Do not fear, however! This simply means new opportunities arise for art, for expression. New mediums, new media. A new set of skills, to be sure, is always useful. One needs simply to adapt to circumstances, and new paths shall open up before them. Why not try to combine the art of photography with the art of painting?

So take up your lenses, London!

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Have I lost my mind?

Dear, Drunk
There are many more ways to do such a thing.


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