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July 1899


This is a time of change. A time of growth, of revelations, of bonds old and new and a mixture of both. This is a time in which everything becomes better, oh so delightfully better. From here, even hardships take a turn. No longer directionless, soaring towards a future. This future, yes, uncertain, but with stepping stones of solid bedrock, with form whose basic shape will not budge. This future that we build towards.

I have been contemplating directions for a rather long time. There is still so much to do. There is still so much to change. Yet now the goal is clear, or at least the semblance of it. I have been contemplating for a rather long time…

Perhaps it is time to slink back and retire. The future, after all, is bright.

Art of London

Moon over Mondstadt
by Sevenix

See more of their art.

News of Art, Art of News

The Zee Calls – Citizens Of All Persuasions Pursue Nautical Adventures!

The zailing profession has seen quite a boom in the recent weeks. More and more Londoners are acquiring their own ships, in turn increasing the demand for a crew, making more and more Londoners become amature zailors. There is use for everyone! From swabbing the decks to spotting the signs, from cooking meals to surgical necessities, life on a zhip requirez all zortz.

For the adventuring sort, this is indeed a romantic premise. An attractive way to prove one’s skill, to oneself as well as to society itself. In an effort to uncover the more detailed secrets of a zeefarer’s life, as well as bring some tips to the hopeful new crewmemberz amongst our readerzhip, we have interviewed an old, experienced zailor. As they wished to remain anonymous, we present our findings here for your consideration:

  1. Make sure to bring an extra pair of eyes.
    Our contact has made quite the emphasis on eyes and their importance. Truly, it does not pay to venture onto the zee without an even number of eyes, with only external eyes, or with creatures living within one’s ocular cavity. It is, as far as we understood, advisable to, in fact, brin an extra pair of eyes – if possible, not attached to anything for a quick replacement (at least must assume such from the hasty, zed-filled warnings).
  2. Get ready for a tough diet.
    The Neath is home to many delicacies, yes, but even the most Neath-born of Londoners will admit that the cuisine is, even at the best of times, not fit for Parisian restaurants. When one ventures onto the zee, it is important to get ready for conditions far worse than this. Make sure to get used to the taste of dry crackers with a side of freshly-caught, peligin-coated fish!
  3. Do not wrastle the fish (alone).
    Though one may consider their strength and combat abilities satisfactory, it is important to remember that the waters of the Unterzee are cold and hostile. That which lives within has learned to fight and withstand amongst the best of the best! Indeed, few humans are capable of standing up to such beasts – in or out of their natural habitat.
  4. Dress warm – but not too warm!
    It is not all cold! Yes, the chilly neathy air is everpersent, yet it is important to know when the tides of temperature have turned. A quick-remove fur coat is recommended.

We are certain that this information is enough for anyone interested in the zailing profession. If you are one such individual, feel free to get in touch to perhaps join the crew of captain [REDACTED]!

Mr Chimes’ Grand Clearing-Out – A Pick-Wielding Extravaganza Of Discovery, Or A Heinous Mistake?

You have seen the advertisements. In every paper (save for our own, whose monthly edition comes misfortunately late for), on every wall, tacked onto lamp posts, hansomes, and the occasional unlucky dog. In strong lettering, they announce the newest venture of the masters – specifically under the purview of one Mr Chimes.

Yes, you have seen urchins, workers, bankers, and any other sorts, all carrying pickaxes to the nearest dig sites. Perhaps you have, yourself, ventured into the dark tunnels in search of treasures. Yes, the Grand Clearing Out is in full progress. Many wonderous artefacts have already been unearthed, some of which are even for sale with the new-fangled currency of “Cthonic scrip”. The creator of this scrip, Mr Pages, has been unreachable for statement about where, what, and when Cthon is.

As profitable as this clearing out is, we at the Gazette do have a few concerns. You have, surely, felt the rumbling of the earth in recent days. It is most assuredly connected to this digging – we suppose not much deduction is needed to reach this conclusion. The Earth, certainly, is not most receptive to us rummaging through her pores.

We ask, then – what might we expect to find at the bottoms of these pits? Perhaps more treasure? Secrets from cities past? Or simply rocks upon rocks upon rocks? Whatever it may be, it is also important to ask whether such discoveries are worth whatever retribution may come along.
We dare not actually speculate on the nature of this retribution, nor its plausibility, nor do we guarantee that any retribution will indeed arrive. We simply aim to bring our readership together in pondering the beneficiousness of the endeavour.

Nonetheless, for those inclined to try their hand at a healthy dig, snacks, luncheon, and supper, as well as somewhat-capable medical help are all available at all dig sites other than that near the Brass Embassy, which has long forbidden any medics within a hundred yards of its grounds.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Is it enough? Is it good?

Dear Nervous,
Perfection cannot be always reached. Simple existence is enough. We have been over this.


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