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March 1899


Change does not come easy to the world. Truly, it is unwise to attempt and impose a change onto the world. That is not to say change should be avoided, or that mass change never happens. Revolution is the breaking of the last straw, the retaliation of those who have waited for change for far to long.

At times, however, change must come slowly. Society is an infant that needs easing into situations in which it had not been before. Those who cry on the corners and proclaim the end of the old will merely go ignored, while those who fight, each and every day, for the small changes around them, they will be the ones to see the fruits of their work in plenty.

I say this not in an attempt to bash revolution, but rather to encourage small acts of it. Despite what some might say, not every person is a hero. Not every person is capable of greatness. Heroes belong to myth, and are mythologized to inspire. It is this inspiration that permeates the masses who then seek change. We are not heroes, for we are the ones who rally behind them. Our fight is slow yet resolute.

Every second of your life, be defiant.

Art of London

House of Lights
by Sevenix

See more of their art.

News of Art, Art of News

Struggling Artists Wanted! New And Improved Inspiration Medicine Now In Testing!

Are you suffering from writer’s block? Has your well of ideas run dry? Do the clouds no longer whisper the shapes they long to take to you? F. F. Gebrandt has a (possible) solution!

A new concoction by the people’s chemist and a former mayoral candidate promises to kickstart one’s grey matter into creativity yet unseen. A proposed mixture of unspecified liquid extracts, emotions, and processed drugs, Gebrandt’s Visionary Elixer is currently undergoing thorough testing.

F. F. Gebrandt is looking for subjects – artists who, perhaps, struggle in their current persuasion and are looking for a refresh of the mind. She promises ethical treatment as well as food and lodgings, as well as a full supply for any instruments one might need for their craft.

Despite the appearances, we at The Goosey Gazette are unaffiliated with F. F. Gebrandt and her efforts. Our message is purely informational, if not outright cautional. We have no guarantee of the Elixer’s efficiency, nor have we (despite our best efforts) seen or experienced its effects. However, we sympathize with those who find themselves in a rut and seek a refuge from whatever dreary whims might be weighing on them. Thus we are presenting this opportunity to you, our dear readers.

Further information as well as contact details for F. F. Gebrandt can be found on the back page. Caveat emptor.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
A gentle devilless has caught my fancy, and she loves me so! But the pastor says she only wants my soul.. What do I do?

Dear Troubled,
Devils, like us, are creatures of passion. Brimstone and fire course through their veins, and with that fire, they love in ways you and I cannot imagine. Who are we to infer the motives of infernal beings? Though devils seek souls, it need not make their love any less genuine.
You, my dear, must only be wary of the abstract. Even though we may question love, it remains to be love nonetheless.


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