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23rd of August 1898


Today – a class on punctuality.

What to know of it? Perhaps, for one, that it is a simple myth. Punctuality, as so much of today’s advice for so-called good business, is a fabrication. A courtesy, perhaps, yes; it is much more polite to show at a predetermined time than to let the other party wait or be waited upon. Besides, one has to think of the hard-working spies tailing them at all times. It would be simply rude to throw them off in such a crude way.

A courtesy, yet never a necessity. Punctuality, one might find, is a tool the powerful submit their subjects to to perpetuate their power yet further. A good worker knows their methods, limits, and resources. Nigh a deadline needs meeting in any given project. Completion is all that matters, the start is merely a distraction from the core.

Do not get me wrong – the early bird gets the coveted early worm. A diligent and patient bird, however, can get any worm it desires, with nought but its own wit. Look, then, to the process and the result, never to the social constraints made only to hinder.

History, after all, is written by the victors.

Art of London

Portraits of Wax
by Elvira Blake, pen name Millea



News of Art, Art of News

Fruits Of The Zee – Mutton Island Festivities Are Upon Us!

With the elections over, a new Lord Mayor inaugurated, and London attempting to settle back into as routine lifestyle as any city in the Neath could, the denizens of Mutton Island offer a much-needed distraction. Fruits of the Zee festival, an annual tradition for the islanders as well as Londoners now once again welcome all to the dark shores of delight.

As always, the festival offers a plentitude of food and drink, song and dance, remembrance and chances to forget. The regular steamer from Wolfstack to Mutton depart at ten pence a passenger.

The Viscountess, as is tradition for Lord Mayor, had also attended the festival. Reportedly not by any boat, rather utilizing means more familiar to her, the Viscountess had made a successful effort to perform all officialities and expected pleasantries that come with the occasion. Despite this, she does (perhaps understandably so) seem to prefer the somewhat-drier streets of London to the grimy humidity of Mutton Island.

We wish you all a pleasant season of adjustment, much luck in the hunt for treasure, and only the most well done of rubbery lumps.

Rejoice, dear London.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Ah, oh, my sincerest apologies.

Dear Timely,
It shall be passed with no remark, this once.


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