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17th of May 1898


Power. Power to change. To correct. Power innate and given. Possibilities can open to those whose mind is open and whose heart seeks a purpose.

This is not the way I had expected to find. It is certainly one I have not known I wanted until the very moment I uttered those words. One might say this was the change meant to be set into motion all along. Am I betraying my purpose? Am I betraying her by taking this path? Am I betraying the very core of my self? That was so long ago, now. The goals seemed unreachable; now, they are a mere triviality.

As always, change lays in the pursuit of science. Esoterica comes in many a flavour; the esoterica of change especially. It is not all my doing, though I am learning a great deal. Change… It can be enacted permanent this way, yes, yet I am still unable to locate what was lost.

Perhaps I shall never regain my name. Perhaps it was never meant to be from the start. Who am I to deny destiny, now? Perhaps it does not matter.

After all, I have a new, shiny name now.

Art of London

Ediptula Minor
by Ms Mintality

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News of Art, Art of News

Eggs Invade London – An Incursion Of Dreams? – Egg!

Surely you have seen them. Eggs! On every street corner, in every hansom, catered to by children, tailors, bats, even snakes. Eggs! Scarlet like blood, aged and blackened by the Neath. Eggs! What might you find inside? Why are there so b____y many of them?

No one is certain, truly. We have questioned several prominent Londoners.
“They are a delight! A gift from the heavens, surely,” giggled the Effervescent Charcutier.
“Why is that crab bothering us like this?” muttered the
“Egg!” gleamed the Eternal Authoress, a crowd of excited individuals nodding alongside her claims.

We, of course, have our own theory. Why, naturally – the eggs are a gift for our dear Mother Goose! That was, if you pardon us, a light joke on our side. We have not been informed on this any sooner than anyone else. Please, stop inquiring about it.

We can, however, provide a special augmentation to your eggs. Though we are not directly involved with this phenomenon, we do know a thing or two about egg science (naturally). Come visit us at the GG headquarters – heck, we’ll even give you one of our own eggs! Really. Please. They’re everywhere. Very hard to get rid of.

Of course, all manner of beasties are hatching from these eggs. It seems that soon London will overflow with beasts, lizards, and various peculiar items of clothing. We do hear that the iguanas are especially cuddly.

Do not wait, London! Go ahead and see what may hatch from your egg! Or, alternatively, just make a few omelettes.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
May there now be a chance? Or am I still far too cowardly to follow my desire? Is it desire, even, or simply a misfiring of the heart? Truly, I would like to know, how to act normal.

Dear Lion,
Do not believe it is cowardly to be scared. Do know that not facing your fears is the true way of a coward. Perhaps a couple things to think about.


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