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29th of September 1897


There are a handful I have faith in. Faith, as opposed to trust. Faith, specified more often than generalized. One such individual is Kid Nullman, the Saint of Tears and the Kollector.

Mr. Tears, for those of you that do not know, is the Noman to arrive and be alive for a year. Nullman is the foremost prophet of Tears, and leader of his kind religion.

I truly have faith, London, faith in Tears and faith in Nullman. A good acquaintance of mine, they have been a presence of wonder and determination, gathering resources for the coming of Tears. There are those who deny the wonders of Tears, yet I firmly believe that there shall be success.

There is something calming about putting your faith into someone. To not be on the lookout for failure, but rather for success, to believe deep in your heart that the efforts shall bear fruit.

Once again, dear London, do be so kind as to support Nullman and Tears with a fistful of coins of the First City.

Shall we all be blessed by his cold wonders.

Art of London

Reinol von Lorica
by Ted Brown

Happy Birthday, Professor!

A portrait by Professor von Lorica’s protege, to celebrate his 30th birthday.

News of Art, Art of News

Second All-Bird Play To Debut Soon

After the vastly successful run of Ravemeo and Doviette, the crew behind this all-bird production is to debut a whole new play. This time it is an original of a Prussian playwright, Wheelwright Brides. It is a heartbreaking comedy, sure to leave you in tears one way or another.

While the play itself is, of course, well known, the all-bird production is what interests us greatly. We at the Gazette have some backstage information, which, of course, we are obliged by etiquette not to disclose in such public manner.

The information we can share, of course, is that it is all and more we could hope for, dear London. The birds chosen are all exquisite actors, very fit for their roles. The direction, also handled by a bird, could not be more perfect.

We, then, hereby invite you to the debut of this production at Mahogany Hall. Join us, next week Saturday.

Moreover, the first ten readers to find buried leads within this week’s edition will win free tickets to the front seats of the production!

Happy hunting and we hope to see you at the debut, dear London.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Where is the goal I so elegantly sought?

Dear Worried,
There was little elegance to begin with. Please try again.


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