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20th of October 1897


Today’s modern age is so reliant on timekeeping. Our minds race with ticking seconds. Gentlefolk wind their clocks and watches imported from the surface. Tick; tock; tick; tock. Bells in their towers still ring their sad, needless chimes.

It is as if one’s mind might malfunction when not in the presence of a timepiece. Seconds unperceived are seconds wasted. Sit a while and listen. Listen to the screams of your own thoughts. The silence of others’. The night all around you. Whispers of choirs.

The Neath does not like Time. There is a certain judgement that comes with such, I suppose. Earth’s secrets shall not be judged, no. We are all secrets of the Earth, whether by choice or by circumstance. Time shall have little meaning to us, now. Such is to be Lawless. Such is to be a Londoner.

Sit a while and listen. Listen to the flow of your presence. The drums of the future. The wheezing of the past. How long has it been since you last looked at a clock?

Life is not a linear procession of events.

Life is to be lived.

Art of London

Woods In Winter
by Silurica

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“I last saw him in the woods one winter – surrounded by black bark and white snow. It was Vienna, long ago. I proved myself there, and…”

News of Art, Art of News

The Clown – A Review Of Contemporary Drama

The recent debut of a comedy playwright, The Clown, is a matter of apparent controversy. This dramatic play, a truly psychological study of character, has its supporters as well as naysayers. Here is our own humble review of the piece.

In the main role, with a stunning performance, J. Bird portrays the titular clown, a funnyman with little fun in his heart. Throughout the play we learn of the bozo’s dark past and woeful current circumstances which cumulate into a breaking of psyche and burning of a town. Mr. Bird gave a seamless and terrifying transition from a fun-loving funnyman to a murderous lunatic.

The production of the play was phenomenal, the effects, especially the blood, were truly state of the art for theaters. The makeup and costuming was top-notch, and the inclusion of the audience was one never before seen. Yet another show of the technological innovation in art that Mahogany Hall truly holds.

The use of comedy within the piece as a metaphor for our own society was quite thought-provoking; laughter and tears permeated throughout as reactions to said comedy and thusly the feelings of the characters to the society itself, sometimes intermingling into a sort of crying laughter.

The piece does, however, feel too long in its meanderings. The point it presents is clear and well-examined by the half of the second act. Moreover, the action and the emotion of the third act is so full of feeling and empowerment that it would’ve been worthwhile to either extend it or bring the catharsis of it to us sooner.

Overall, we at the Gazette hold rather positive feelings on The Clown, and encourage anyone to give it a view.

See you in the theater, London.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
What is the price of time?

Dear Edge,
The very wait itself.


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