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16th of June 1897


Nothing lasts forever. Things come to an end. It is the natural way of things. Life, death. Creation, destruction. Beginning, end.
It has been an immense pleasure to publish Letters from the Surface, all the way until the story’s completion – today. We bid farewell to this tale, though, most hopefully, not to Sir Wensleydale, the author.

Though we are sad to see the story go, we are eager to work with Sir Wensleydale in further endeavours, new stories, open reaches. The story had truly been a beacon of light for the Gazette, and, hopefully, fun and an inspiration for our readers.

Without further ado, let us commence this week’s edition.

Still, you have been a beacon of light for this small paper. To many great stories to come, to inspiration, to art.

Art of London

Letters from the Surface: Part XVI
Penning a Letter
By Sir Wensleydale of Hardwick

I wrote a letter, up to one of England’s colonies. It went like this:

“To Anyone This Concerns-
London is a hub of intrigues. All scandals that you hear of are true. People go mad in pursuit of knowledge. The Empress has lost most legal power, and her replacements have plots against each other. Many speak of revolution, but said revolution is worse for the common man.
It is also an opportunity for wealth. My venture down here has become more of a permanent residence, and I have been in pursuit of a diamond that is not a diamond. Art is also flourishing.
Write to the papers! Tell them stories of the Fallen city of London, and it’s predecessors! And yes, it has predecessors!

Professor Wensleydale of Hardwick”

Persuasive has not increased from 200.
Making Waves has increased to 25!
You’ve gained 10*Influence(new total 43)
An occurrence! Your “Letters from the Surface” quality is now 50- Master of Communications!
An occurrence! Your “Spider in the Web” quality is now 1-Honest!
A Defender of Truth is increasing…
An occurrence! Suspicion is now 15- Imprisoned!
An occurrence! Scandal is now 15- UNTHINKABLE!

The papers devoured this letter. Constables from the surface began showing up. I’d seen this intrigue through.

News of Art, Art of News

A Celebrated Artist of the Surface Arrives in London This October

In the latest piece of art news, we have a tasty treat for loves of music, especially violins. A celebrated violinist of the surface, certain V______ M__ shall arrive to our very London this mid-October to grace us with her wonderous music.

We know, of course, that the lady cannot stick around for long. Her all-round trip shall take only a day, a few hours of which will be dedicated to her performance. Do make sure to grab your tickets, London….

…but, of course, just that wouldn’t do for our Gazette! We are giving out tickets to front seats in a contest of sorts. The details can be found in the middle-page spread.

Besides seats, a stand-in area shall be open to the public – once again, courtesy of our very Gazette! We had to pull some strings to make it happen, London, we are sure you will appreciate.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
What if I lose her?

Dear Denial,
Place your trust in the right place.


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