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What we can wish for


Once upon a time, there lived a starfish who wanted to become a star. It spent its days in the ocean and, at night, came to the surface to watch the stars, dreaming of being among them.

One night, as the starfish rose above the waters, the moon was big and blue, and so close the starfish thought it could reach out and touch it. After a while of silence, the starfish sighed.
„Oh, if only I could be a star…“
The blue moon turned to the starfish.
„You wish to be a star?“ it asked.
„Oh, yes, very much,“ the starfish replied.
„You already are like a star, I think. You spend your days hidden and come out at night, as if to accompany me,“ the moon said.
This made the starfish happy, but it still wasn’t enough. It wanted to shine as bright as the stars above.
„But, can I be a real star?“ it asked.
„No… I’m not sure,“ the moon sadly replied.

For many nights thereafter the blue moon remained, keeping the starfish company. They emerged together at dusk, talked through to dawn, and watched the stars together, though the starfish still wished it could be one of them.
One night, one of the stars themselves came down to the surface of the ocean. Its light turned night to day. It spoke to the starfish.
„You want to be one of us?“ it asked.
„Yes!“ the starfish replied with a glimmer of hope, „Yes, more than anything in the world!“
The star smiled. „You already are a star inside. You are only so gloomy and cloudy, you do not let your shine come out. You do not need any glimmers or sparks. You only need to let your brightness out and be happy.“

The star faded back into the sky, and the starfish remained hopeful. It continued wishing to be a star. It tried to make its shell as bright as it could be and came up every night to gaze at the stars.
However, as time went on, it realized it liked being itself. It liked the warm sun during the day. It liked the water. It liked to converse with the moon throughout the starry nights. It did not make it want to be a star any less, but it calmed it down, made it happy with its life.

One night, as the starfish talked to the moon, it did not come up to gaze at the stars. It came up for its own happiness.
As this realization came over the starfish, its body started shining, bright as a real star. It floated up above the ocean waters and, just as the stars could come down, it rose to the sky.

And became one of them.

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