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21st of February 1899


Two of Clay
by R. J. Frogvarian

Wandering hands of rough earth,
Desire untold through them crossed.
Desire they will heed at any cost,
In Desire they will prove their worth.

To new life! To immaculate birth
Of a companion embossed
With loss and lost, too quickly lost,
Before any mirth.

Only stirred waves remain;
Forth they beckon the heart
To seek the closure it craves.

Was there anything to gain?
Was it an end, or just a start?
As you fight beneath the waves.

Art of London

Land of the Pinecones
by Sevenix

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News of Art, Art of News

E_____’s Exquisite Tea – A Condensed Evening Of Pleasure

E_____’s Exquisite Confections, the mysterious-yet-irresistible seller of sweets, have struck the market with yet another delight.

E_____’s Exquisite Tea, a packet promising satisfaction, relaxation, enlightenment, and above all – whatever the customer desires. A curious rectangle of compressed tea leaves, a blend either premade or made to order, held together by dried condensed milk. Add water up to the desired concentration.

As the regular shopkeeper chatters with guests, sells confections, and takes orders, a man next to a strange machine hums a nostalgic melody to himself as he packs blends of leaves. He glances at the girl watching him, asks an unheard question. She blinks, thinks, leans closer, and whispers to the man. He listens intently, nodding here and there. When the girl is done, he breathes deeply and turns to his various jars of teas. In a patient half hour, he is done. The packet is tied with a bow, handed to the girl. Fervent thanks are given and politely refuted. No apparent charge takes place as she leaves.

Imagine the most perfect tea you have ever tasted. Not your favourite kind, not a tea so well made it brings you to tears – although neither of those excludes others. Imagine the tea your heart requires in this moment of its existence. A tea that warms the very soul. Is it fruity? Green? Darker than Prussian coffee? Despite the ingredients it can be extremely bitter, or teeth-rottingly sweet. It will never be extreme, it will only ever be perfect.

An artist’s craft is to extract emotions. To unpeel the truth, to get to the core of being.

E_____’s Exquisite Tea, now ten pence a packet.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
It warms one’s soul whenever one might find out that they can still feel. That there are things to learn and experience.
P. S.

Dear P. S.,
Ever and ever, forever and ever, far beyond imagination.


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