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14th of June 1898


I have seen my fair share of atrocities during my lifetime. Murders in the name of justice and progress. Theft by exploitation, denial of rights, hate so seething it burns through to actions. It is truly the lowest of lows a person can hit, to turn so truly evil as to take lives for their own twisted pleasure.

In the presence of such hate one ought not to simply stand and watch. These are not the times to be silent, but to roar with the flames of revenge! Stand tall and loud and proud and defiant of evil! It is time we show those who think they can treat lives as manure that they hold power only because we allow it!

Do not hesitate to make things right, London. For too long have our words fallen on deaf ears – now, it is time to act! It is time to take arms with your fellow brothers and sisters, go out into the world, and make change happen!

We stand tall, we stand together, we stand and we will not fall.

I will see you on the front lines, London.

Art of London

Almost Home
by Sevenix

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A Rather Special Interview – Prof. E. M. Canning

We bring you today an interview with a well-known academic and author, none other than Professor Eva May CanningYou can find the full interview on pages 12-15.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Will we survive the night?

Dear Hoping,
Tell the beasts to stride away, tell the ghosts to haunt elsewhere, tell failure there is no place for it here.


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