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24th of November 1897


Art for art’s sake, as I had often said. Art, however, is not to be locked up in a cellar, or thrown in the fireplace, or hidden from prying eyes. Art is not for the benefit of the artist – rather for the benefit of the audience.

Art is what the artist wants to give the world. An idea, a way of thought, a desire for change. It is what a person wants to impart upon a world, and such a desire should always be honoured.

Art for art’s sake, yes, however the inherent purpose of art is to be seen. Art for art’s sake, yes, however it does not mean you should hide it away. Not everything, anyways. We never succeed if we first do not fail.

The fear of being out there is inherent in us all. The conditioning of perhaps not being good enough. Of our ideas being judged, our feelings shot down so openly before the crowds. Art, however, art has to be made for without it, well.

Without art, who will ever know who you truly are?

Art of London

Sun-Filled Stories, Chapter One
Part I
by Cassius Mortemer

Finally, he reached the Surface after all this time. He felt the sizzling touch of the Sun on his cheeks…
The Honey-Addled Author shook his head. No, that doesn’t sound right. Does it? He couldn’t tell anymore. He crumpled up the page and tossed it onto the ever-growing pile of failure. His failure. He needed inspiration.
He looked up from his cosy little perch on the roof of his home, looked up at the false-stars glimmering high above him. What did sunlight feel like, again?
“Maybe just a drop…?” he whispered to himself. It’s a terrible idea. He knew it was. But perhaps…

The Honey-Addled Author’s home was in a state of finely-tailored disuse. He could barely even afford food these days, let alone cleaning staff. He hasn’t sold a book in ages. Had his people forgotten him already? Are his Bohemian friends enjoying honey in Veilgarden without him, not sparing him a single thought? He wanted to join them in their revels. Who’s to stop him?

“Sorry, M’Lord. Just doin’ what I’m told,” the Burly Guardswoman blocking the entrance said. Since when were there guards in the honey-dens?
“You don’t understand, I’ve been coming here for a very long time,” he tried.
“I don’t make the rules. And you bein’ here is against one of ‘em,”
The Author felt his cheeks heat up in anger. He could almost hear his friends giggling at him inside. He stormed off before the guard decided to forcibly see him out.
Not allowed in honey-dens! The outrage! Was he caught honey-mazed the last time he was there? Did he do something even the Bohemians couldn’t tolerate? They didn’t tell him what he did. What a complete load of-!

News of Art, Art of News

Value Of Struggle – The Divisive Nature Of A Recent Interactive Work

A recent hit has struck the artistic world, a work years in the making, surrounded by theories and hearsay. Its recent release has truly shaken the foundations of everything, dividing the artistic public like none other.

Of course, there is no need to mention the work by name, as we all know it, and neither is there much reason for us to give our own review – so many others have been talking about it for weeks on end, after all.

No, we at the Gazette want to bring you something else, and that is to pose a question.

Is there such a thing as a wrong way to struggle?

Struggle, of course, one of the main themes if this work, one of many, and one of great importance. We have all struggled with it, struggled through it. We have all found ourselves questioning the meaning of it all, sighing over banalities, picking up our pieces fall after fall after fall… some of us, of course, with more kindness and understanding than others.

If is easy to pick out flaws. What if, however, the flaw was not only within the work itself? Could it be that we are simply not prepared for its greatness?

With every person, there is a difference of approach. There is, of course, an intended approach. Community. A struggle not for oneself, but rather for others. Bringing the world of art closer together. Struggling, yes, but knowing that, on the other side, someone else is struggling as well and that, perhaps, you can ease each other’s suffering.

We have seen the differences in approach, London. There are those that bring pain, there are those that bring joy.

Is there a correct one?

Well… that is truly something to consider, dear London

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Again, I struggle. Will I never be worthy? How can one become what others would welcome?

Dear Struggling,
It is not up to us to decide what others welcome. This, of course, you know. Perhaps it is time do ask them what such things are.


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