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17th of November 1897


We don’t always make the best of choices. Sometimes, one simple decision is all it takes for things to go to ruin. An unwise purchase, perhaps, a wrong word to the wrong person at the worst possible time. Unwillingness to confront one’s feelings. We all are plagued by some thing and there is a common trope in the things that plague us.

It can be hard to face one’s own mistakes. It is rare that an individual intends for things to go wrong – at the very least, intends for things to go wrong for them. All we can do is hold our head high and plunge deeper into the fray.

For it is always better to be alive than to regret at the worst and last moment.

Art of London

Erroneous Assumption That There Will Be a Tomorrow
by Sevenix

News of Art, Art of News

Death Of An Author – Who Shall Take Reins After An Untimely Passing?

In recent news, the untimely passing of the author of a well-beloved fictional series had shaken the artistic world, makers and audiences alike.

The dearly departed was an author of a rather enviable age – enough so that his hands had stopped working and his tongue had fallen out. As one can imagine, this is a rather big dent in the continuation of his work. The author had already been transported to an unspecified Tomb-Colony under the false moonlight.

As the future of a yet-to-be-finished work is now uncertain, a meeting was called and shall be held within a week’s time by a consortium of prominent authors, a few men of the Ministry, and the one and only Mr Pages. All fans of the dearly departed’s work, of course. This consortium is to decide who of the artistic world of London is worthy enough to take up the pen and continue this magnificent work.

Some have expressed concern over this, stating that the only mind that should be allowed to expand on the words is the mind that had originally written them upon the parchment.
“What if some fool meddles in the laid-out affairs and absolutely ruins them? Or pushes their own relationship propaganda!? We can’t have that!” said an outraged reader to our reporter, “Simply get him to write – somehow, that’s what I say.”

Our reporters have not been allowed into the meeting hall for unspecified reasons. We shall, however, do our best to hunt down any information on this story as it develops.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Will sleep never come? Will peace never be in my life? Will rest ever be allowed?

Dear Concerned,
There are hardships to attend to. Then there is the bliss of work well executed. There will never be rest if we never allow for it.


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