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15th of December 1897


The season of Lacre is upon us!

Feel the caustic burn of this white and cold substance. Oh how it flakes, this false snow of our host and jailor. What secrets does it hold? Soon, a figure of red robes will leave trails in this snow, intent on taking but never on giving. The cruelty of the season.

Moreover, the joy to be found within the cruelty. Nomen to roam the streets, Tears to lead them. Londoners, huddling around fires, intent on staying the holidays within their chambers. Togetherness that keeps us content. Presents unwrapped in clandestine meetings underneath a decorated tree. Dinners to be enjoyed with those we love.

A bottle of wine, perhaps? Rest now your tired eyes. The year has been long. Arduous. For just a moment, do not mind the worries. For just a while, think of a brighter tomorrow. Windows wrapped in a blanket of snow, hushed sounds to lull you to sleep.

Rest now, London, for you have a life to live.

Art of London

Sun-Filled Stories, Chapter One
Part IV
by Cassius Mortemer

Now, the Introverted Devil rarely ever speaks up. Normally, this is the part where he would play hero by breaking out of his shell and saving that oddly annoying fellow he came to adore. Just like in the Author’s books. Instead, the Introverted Devil was staring at them, somewhat mortified.

“I assure you, you do not want my soul,” the Author tried.
“It’s not stained. A little lost, but not stained by any means. Kind. Well loved, once. A hint of sorrow even,” The Churlish Devil said.
The Introverted Devil hated this part. With some willpower, he forced his legs to move..! Backwards. He bumped into one of the other devils, the one now holding the honey.

Well… used to hold the honey.

Almost every jar of honey slipped from his arms, crashing onto the floor. Tiny shards of glass scattered. Some particularly sticky ones got stuck on their trouser legs. Prisoner’s Honey treacled between glass shards and cobblestones. The Introverted Devil felt his heart do a pirouette in his stomach before springing for his throat.

All eyes were on him.

News of Art, Art of News

All-Bird Review – A Christmas Carol

The first of the All-Bird Theatre Production Christmas plays is here, London! As false snow falls and covers the roofs above, we turn our heads to a humble stage on a humble town square…

A Christmas Carol, classic of a literary giant, a heart-warming tale of ghosts and generosity. In the main role of Ebenezer Scrooge, the troupe had quite a surprise for us – a real vulture! We must say, the performance of this star actor was truly phenomenal; we could practically see the transformation from a scary and imposing being to a bird of a warm and noble heart.

The ghosts of past, present, and future, were all hauntingly well portrayed by owls, whose hoots echoed through the silent night in the most bone-chilling of ways. To round out the presence of ghosts, a hawk in the role of Jacob Marley was just the kick both Ebenezer and we needed.

The technical production of this play, more of which we can surely expect moving forward, is also exquisite. The audio as well as visual effects, none of which we dare spoil in such a short review, are something that surely is not possible without the help of avian features.

One of the first theatrical adaptations of this sombre tale, A Christmas Tale by the All-Bird Theatre Troupe is sure to capture hearts and smiles of all ages and walks of life.

Ask Mother Goose

Dear Mother Goose,
Have I done enough as of yet?

Dear Waiting,
The work never stops, oh, no, we can never rest I’m afraid.


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